"Why is our government doing this to us?"

That is the question Jim Hoft asks at the end of his piece today at The Gateway Pundit.  In it he recounts he recent health scare and praises the doctors who saved his life. However, thanks to Obamacare, he might not be able to keep those doctors:

This week I found out I am going to lose my insurance. The company that carried me is leaving the Missouri market. I will have to find something else.  I am one of the millions who will be looking for new insurance. God willing, I will be able to keep my doctors at St. Louis University. I trust them. They saved my life.  Please pray for me and the millions of working Americans who are going through this same ordeal.

Jim Hoft and his doctor
Photo of Jim Hoft (bottom) and his doctor. Courtesy of thegatewaypundit.com

As Jim mentions, he is just one of many going through the same ordeal.  Millions of cancellation letters have been sent to people across the country.  Many will be facing higher premiums, higher deductibles, and higher out-of-pocket costs.  Others, like Jim, have no idea (just three weeks before the end of the year) if he can keep his doctor. This is among the real consequences of Obamacare.  And it's tough to read.

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity highlighted a similar case on his radio show Friday out of Jamesport, NY, which involves a 17-year-old girl:

Johanna [Benthal] has undergone 86 surgeries since she was diagnosed at three months old with a rare genetic neurological disease that causes tumors to grow in her brain. Her parents' insurance plan has always covered her care, soaring to at least $100,000 per year in medical expenses.

With the new rules and surrounding confusion, that coverage hangs in the balance.

"I was in my daughter's hospital room when I was on the phone with the insurance company and they told me our plan would be terminated," Benthal said. Johanna was recovering from her latest brain surgery, a stay Benthal expects to cost around $30,000. Benthal started crying.

Their only option might be to enter the New York State Health Exchange.  But doing so would increase costs for the family and likely would result in the loss of Johanna's doctor, who's been her primary care physician since she was born.

These are the kind of options that are being placed before families across the country. Many more than Washington wants to believe are asking the same question: "Why is our government doing this to us?"

And now news comes today that around 7,000 Illinois residents have selected a plan via the federal exchange.  Note that doesn't mean they've necessarily enrolled in or paid for it. That's a minuscule number and far from expectations.

I guess when the author of a bill calls it a "train wreck," it's safe to assume he knows what he's talking about.

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