This week I asked Facebook friends what President Donald Trump might tweet about in regards to Rockford. The response was worthy of sharing. In fact, some were huge.

President Donald Trump is not short of things to say on Twitter: Fact.

After his "send in the feds"/Chicago tweet I wondered what the POTUS might say about Rockford, so I asked that question on Facebook.

After all the responses I narrowed it down six and created President Trump's "tweets" with this Trump Tweet Generator.

Potholes: (submitted by Melissa B., Rockford)

#AlternativeFacts (submitted by Krissy K., Rockford)

Rockford Crime (submitted by Cathy M., Rockford)

Jobs (submitted by Josh W., Dekalb)

This  (submitted by Jenn B., Rockford)

Build a Wall (submitted by Hans B., Rockford)

Those were all fun and cute but on a "real" note, Rockford needs to get back to being a great city with lots of potential. With that being said - I give you this bonus "tweet" submitted by Rob B. of Rockford.

I'm a little disappointed by nobody bringing up the Clocktower. 😬


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