In the midst of an extremely busy evening and early morning, Breitbart's Washington editor Jonathan Strong found time to join us on the show to discuss Dave Brat's upset win over Eric Cantor in the Virginia GOP primary. He was one of the few to cover the race in advance of Election Day and outline why it could have been competitive.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images
Mark Wilson, Getty Images

Strong also has pieces up today on the political "earthquake" that was the upset, an interview with Dave Brat, and a look at the GOP leadership struggle in the House. We asked him how Brat pulled this off:

"Anytime you have an incumbent lose a primary race you're going to have a lot of factors...but if you look at the campaign, Dave Brat basically stopped talking about anything but immigration the last few weeks of the campaign. Meanwhile you have tens of thousands of children crossing the southern border. That is what the discussion revolved around in the campaign. I don't think you can ignore the impact of immigration here."

Here's our full interview with Jonathan, where we also talk about the coming shake-up in the GOP leadership team and the future of immigration reform: