Make no mistake, I'm a cake lover. Cake or pie? I'll always go with the cake. Unless, of course, it's a cake that screams when I cut it. Even then, if it were my daughter Molly's German chocolate cake, I'd still put up with the screaming. So, what's the deal with this overly-vocal frosted concoction?

From Fox News:

From bloody brides to horrifically realistic butchered animals, bakers are constantly pushing the limits when it comes to cake making.

But over the weekend, Chinese bakers took their craft to the extreme with a human-shaped confection that let out a realistic scream as diners cut into his sweet flesh.

Ai Si Wei Ni, a bakery in the Northeastern city of Shenyang, created the cake for the 1905 Creative Culture Park—a collective space dedicated to showcasing art exhibitions, folk performances, experimental shows, studios and new eateries, reports the Daily Mail.

The skilled bakers created a realistic looking human torso on a special platform rigged to fit a real man underneath. Not only did the resemble a human body from the outside, but on the inside bakers added a red and pink jam to the spongy cake layers to mimic internal organs and blood.

The screaming head, actually a paid actor, would lie very still and quiet, appearing to be a part of the cake, until an unsuspecting visitor began to cut a slice of cake...then the screaming began.

According to The People’s Daily Online, many patrons were initially frightened when the animated actor came to life. But by the end of the exhibit on Dec. 6, the man cake was completely devoured.

I'd be willing to be that there were more than a few puddles on the floor nearby that some unlucky member of the clean-up crew had to attend to.

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