Who Wouldn’t Want a Screaming Cake?
Make no mistake, I'm a cake lover. Cake or pie? I'll always go with the cake. Unless, of course, it's a cake that screams when I cut it. Even then, if it were my daughter Molly's German chocolate cake, I'd still put up with the screaming. So, what's the deal with this o…
Guy on Magic Carpet Takes in Manhattan
There are multiple ways to get around New York City. You could drive, take a cab, take a train, take a horse-drawn carriage, hop on a bus, grab a bicycle, even roller-blade your way around. All of those would probably get you where you were going, but if you want to draw some attention to yourself, …
Awesome Fake Oscar Prank
As someone who appreciates a good prank and/or practical joke, I've got to give huge kudos to Mark Christenson for pulling off this bit of fun.
What would it be like to win an Oscar? How far would you have taken this ruse?
Does This Prank on Police Cross the Line?
Okay, so you've got four yutes ("Youths, your honor, youths.") at the beach somewhere in L.A.
Taking their cue from Candid Camera's Allen Funt ("We thought it would be funny..."), they decided to have a little hidden camera fun with L.A...