Illinois Art Museum opens one of a kind mini-golf course exhibit.

Mini-Golf Is A Fun Activity For The Whole Family

It is funny because I am not a fan of golf but I love playing mini-golf. It is such a good time without any stress. Pretty much anyone can play it from the little kids to grandparents. Plus, no two are alike so it is a unique experience wherever you go.

Art Museums Are Hidden Gems

Of course, if you go to the Art Institute of Chicago, you are going to experience some amazing things. Did you know there are plenty of other places in Illinois where you can see art? There are several smaller museums throughout the state including here in Rockford. They work very hard to bring in special exhibits for the visitors.

What If You Combine Art With Mini-Golf

I really like the sound of this idea. Take a mini-golf course and put it in the middle of an art museum. That would mean creating something that was beautiful you could actually interact with. That would be an exciting attraction to witness.

Illinois Art Museum Opens Mini-Golf Exhibit

The dream has become a reality. An art museum in Illinois has opened a new exhibit that is a mini-golf course designed by artists. I can just imagine the type of things they can come up with.

Details About Mini-Golf Course In Illinois Art Museum

The exhibit is called "Par Excellence Redux: The Back 9" at the Elmhurst Art Museum located at 150 Cottage Hill Avenue in Elmhurst, Illinois. It is going on now through January 2nd.

According to

"This fully playable course by local and national artists is a reimagining of the wildly popular 1988 exhibition Par Excellence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago."

"New designs, new challenges, and dynamic seasonal events await visitors of The Back 9."



"Designed to use the museum’s galleries with COVID protocols, the two 9-hole courses are comprised of a surprisingly varied collection of themes and forms, promising an unusual twist on a familiar pastime."

To purchase tickets and more information, HERE.

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