Illinois has been home to many great football players through the years, but who's the best of all time?

My friends and I are huge football fans. We like to argue, I mean discuss different topics about the game. Here's one we've covered several times. Surprising, we all generally agree with the answer. It has to be Dick Butkus.

A story was recently done on"Best NFL Players Of All Time From Every State."

What about Illinois? They agree with us. Their choice is Dick Butkus.

The runner-up for our state is Otto Graham.

There are other Chicago Bears that have made a huge impact in football around the United States.

Top players from other states.

  • Olin Kreutz (center) - Hawaii
  • Al Harris (defensive end) - Maine

Runner-up for best player in each state.

  • Gale Sayers (running back) - Kansas
  • Greg Landry (quarterback) - New Hampshire
  • Julius Peppers (defensive end) - North Carolina
  • Dan Hampton (defensive tackle) - Oklahoma
  • Mike Singletary (linebacker) - Texas
  • Brian Urlacher (linebacker) - Washington

That's a pretty impressive list of great Chicago Bears players.

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