It's called quesabirria, and now I'm a bit obsessed.

I decided to try out a new taco truck that I found over the weekend. It's called La Calle and you can usually find it in the parking lot of the BP gas station at Harlem and Alpine most afternoons into the early evening.

I was going to just order tacos when I saw a handwritten sign for quesabirria. I had never heard of quesabirria so I asked about it. The description was vague but I was assured that it was very good and that I should try it.

I'm very glad I did. Here's a picture of my order. Sorry, I'm not much of a photographer:


That's the quesabirria on top, flanked by 2 steak tacos. It led me to doing some research on the quesabirria and it turns out that it's the new hot trend in mexican cuisine and has taken the Bay Arean in California by storm since late last year.

It's a stewed beef in a rich chili broth that the tortilla is dunked in before being laid out on a hot grill and filled with melted cheese and the shredded stewed beef.

It's excellent and I'm just figuring out how many days I should wait before going back. Full disclosure, it might be tonight.

At 5 bucks, it's a steal and well worth your time if you want to have a highly Instagrammable meal that also tastes delicious.


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