The Men's Illinois basketball team received some bad news Wednesday. 

The National Player of the Year candidate would be missing some time.

Here is the play that resulted in the injury. I hesitate to say broken nose like in the above tweet but, according to our guest, it might be more than just a broken nose.

After what [Head Coach] Brad [Underwood] told us that it seemed to be more than a broken nose... you speculate concussion... is it an orbital just left us wondering.


-Jeremy Werner on 1440 WROK

This is the play that resulted in Dosunmu's injury.

At best this is a dirty play. At worst it's a Flagrant 2 with a possible suspension. The Flagrant 2 (ejection) happened, we're waiting on a possible suspension.

Things got ugly on Twitter between the fan bases. Uglier than usual at least. Insults thrown, accusations made. I won't single anyone out but there was a general consensus from Michigan State fans that Dosumnu was exaggerating his injury. They did not back down from that statement when the injury news broke. Illinois fan base reacted accordingly. Perhaps taking things too far. Such things happen in college basketball social media circles, some of the more ruthless out there.

The Flagrant 2 foul on Ayo was just the culmination of a "hard-fought" game. The Big Ten officials have not been well reviewed this season and that game was no exception. I ask Jeremy about the official's performance this year in the conference. His answer did not shock or disappoint.

Jeremy also gives a great elevator pitch on why you should start following this team if you haven't already. They're exciting and about to make a run in March. Listen to every Illinois Men's basketball game right here on 1440 WROK.

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