What's up, Doc? is a weekly segment sponsored by MercyHealth. 

This week's episode is "Tips to limit stress eating during holidays"

Registered dietician Elise Remsen is this week's guest.

We had a great time with Elise on this episode of What's Up, Doc. Elise obviously is great with people and was willing to admit to us that eating correctly is hard for even her sometimes.

With the holiday season upon us, eating poorly is easier than ever. Elise gives some tips on how to take a break from indulging the next few weeks. You've heard it before but make sure you're drinking enough water. Elise definitely encourages you to enjoy yourself this season, just be smart along the way.

Diabetes, unfortunately, is also a big part of Elise's job. Both in identifying and managing diabetes as an adult. Elise gives us a quick lesson on the symptoms of what might be onset diabetes in an adult.

Elise was a delight to have on the program. We thank her for taking time out of her day to talk to us.

This will be the last What's Up, Doc? segment for 2020. We've loved working with MercyHealth to bring you these weekly segments and look forward to continuing them in 2021.

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