This week's episode is about the benefits of seeing a resident physician. 

I'll let everyone up in the trust tree on this one. When I saw the subject of this week's episode of What's Up, Doc? I was less than excited. I didn't think we could mine too much information on why you basically should see a doctor.

That's because I'm pretty ignorant.

It turns out that there's a LOT that I didn't really understand about how a doctor's office works.

Dr. Eid walks us through the 3-year process of being a resident physician across the country and right here at MercyHealth. The benefits of the resident physician are plenty. They give new doctors the ability to begin their career of practicing medicine under the watchful eye of their advising physician. It also ensures that multiple sets of eyes are looking at every patient, meaning that more care goes into every visit.

Dr. Eid helps us (me really) navigate through the hierarchy of physicians and assistants in a normal office to help us understand who is greeting us in the room when we go to a doctor's appointment.

A whole bunch more goes into cultivating doctors than, at least I, originally thought. The resident physician program really is a win-win for everyone involved.

We've been doing these What's Up, Doc? episodes once a week since last May and every week I've ended our interviews with considerable more knowledge about a subject that I wasn't even aware of earlier that morning.

Dr. Eid was no different. On obviously smart guy with a wonderful bedside manner. He's no doubt a great family doctor as well as a great guest.

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