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What's Up, Doc? is a weekly health segment on WROK sponsored by MercyHealth. Each week they highlight a different doctor/healthcare professional to come on our show and talk to us about their specialty. It has turned into one of our favorite segments. All of our doctors have exhibited a "human" side that people don't always get to see with their physicians. We encourage you to check out some of our past episodes here. We've done about 30 of these segments highlighting everything from Lyme disease to hernia repair to finding a health care plan and everything else in between. We've learned a lot and hope you can too.

Dr. Sarah Lamont was today's guest. She is an orthopedic surgeon with MercyHealth that specializes in treating hands and elbows. She, like every other guest we've had on the show, was very approachable and explained things to us in simple language.

If you're talking to a hand specialist, you HAVE to ask them about carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm pretty sure it is required by law. Dr. Lamont talked about how the more time you spend at your computer, the more aware you should be about preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the best ways to make sure you protect yourself is to do grip exercises while you sit. It can be as simple as squeezing a tennis ball, but you should keep those muscles engaged.

Dr. Lamont walked us through a lot more and even debunked some internet myths we had seen about hands.

Thank you Dr. Lamont for your time and we look forward to next week's guest.

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