What's Up, Doc? is a weekly segment sponsored by MercyHealth.

This week's episode is "Tips to help kids with stress and anxiety amid the pandemic."

Dr. John Perryman was today's guest.

Dr. Perryman is a pediatrician in the MercyHealth system. Like the other pediatricians we have had on the show, Dr. Perryman obviously has a tremendous bedside manner. It must come with relating to children all the time.

Today's topic is a timely one. Dr. Perryman talked to us about identifying some indicators that your child might be suffering from stress or anxiety due to a lack of social contact through the pandemic. Regressive behavior such as bed-wetting or a noticeable increase in anger could be signs that your child is struggling.

One of the main points that  Dr. Perryman made was that kids are a lot more resilient and adaptable than we sometimes give them credit for. Telling them the truth about the situation and giving them reasonable expectations for the immediate and distant future could help absolve or even prevent and type of stress or anxiety problems.

Dr. Perryman also weighs in on the hot-button topic of getting kids back in school. Like every other doctor we have had on the show, Dr. Perryman believes that in school learning is the best option for all children but caution needs to be used to make sure that it is done in a safe way. Dr. Perryman reminds us that while COVID-19 seems to be less severe in children the passing of the virus to people back at home needs to be considered before everyone goes back to school like normal.


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