This week's episode is titled "Sinus infections, also called sinusitis."

It turns out that Neti pots are sinus-expert approved.

What's Up, Doc? is a weekly health segment on WROK sponsored by MercyHealth. Each week they highlight a different doctor/healthcare professional to come on our show and talk to us about their specialty. It has turned into one of our favorite segments. All of our doctors have exhibited a "human" side that people don't always get to see with their physicians. We encourage you to check out some of our past episodes here. We've done about 30 of these segments highlighting everything from Lyme disease to hernia repair to finding a health care plan and everything else in between. We've learned a lot and hope you can too.

Dr. Zahurullah was no exception, the only problem we (I) had with him was that he did all his schooling at the University of Michigan. The same Michigan that unfairly claimed a Big Ten basketball title this year even though they didn't even win the most games in the conference. After we buried the hatchet, we got down to business.

He's great the whole time but the biggest point was that he was not only cool with Neti pots but fully endorsed their use.

If you're not familiar, here's a video.

I've used one. You feel absolutely ridiculous using one. And honestly, it's kind of gross. BUT!!! You feel amazing afterward. 10/10 would recommend. It was 8/10 before I knew it was expert-approved. Everyone should be doing this.

Thank you Dr. Zahurullah for your time and the official approval of Neti pots.

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