This week's episode was about how the COVID-19 vaccines affect pregnancies. 

Dr. Rogers-Morris is our first time returning guest on What's Up, Doc? The first time Dr. Rogers was on the show we talked about general concerns about pregnancies. This time we got into how the COVID-19 vaccine can affect pregnant women and their babies.

That was of course after we welcomed her back on the show. Dr. Rogers-Morris is easily one of our favorite doctors to talk to. Just the way she communicates with us and our listeners, you can tell that her bedside manner is top-notch. We also found out that she went to the University of Illinois and is very excited about the basketball team's upcoming NCAA Tournament. We'll have to see if we can have her on later to talk about Brad Underwood's offense.

We did finally get to talking about the subject at hand, the vaccine's effect on pregnancies. A baby was recently born in America that had COVID-19 antibodies in its blood after the mother was vaccinated while pregnant. We asked Dr. Rogers-Morris if this was expected. She confirmed that the story was accurate and it aligns with what they already knew about previous vaccine administration in pregnant women.

We thank Dr. Rogers-Morris for taking some time out of her day to join us on the show. She is a delight and anyone looking for an obstetrician probably couldn't do better than her in the Rockford area.

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