This week's episode is titled "Ways to keep your eyes healthy."

What's Up, Doc? is a weekly health segment on WROK sponsored by MercyHealth. Each week they highlight a different doctor/healthcare professional to come on our show and talk to us about their specialty. It has turned into one of our favorite segments. All of our doctors have exhibited a "human" side that people don't always get to see with their physicians. We encourage you to check out some of our past episodes here. We've done about 30 of these segments highlighting everything from Lyme disease to hernia repair to finding a health care plan and everything else in between. We've learned a lot and hope you can too.

Dr. Mathew was a delightful guest on this morning's show. He is an ophthalmologist with MercyHealth by way of Canada. He does an absolutely horrible job of not being a stereotypical nice Canadian. I'm not saying that he's nice because he's Canadian, but once again, I've met a nice Canadian.

Dr. Mathew was so nice that he didn't even yell at me for never going to the eye doctor once in my life and never wearing sunglasses. He's the kind of doctor that understands why people do things and just wants you to take care of yourself.

We asked Dr. Mathew what people need to be concerned about if it has been a while since they've seen an eye doctor. Any sort of blurriness, especially sudden blurriness, should be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it's probably a good time to get them checked out if you can afford the appointment.

We thank Dr. Mathew for his time. A new What's Up, Doc? segment airs every Thursday morning at 8:35.

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