Dr. Bansal joined the show this morning to talk about Stroke Awareness Month. 

What's Up, Doc? is a weekly health segment on WROK sponsored by MercyHealth. Each week they highlight a different doctor/healthcare professional to come on our show and talk to us about their specialty. It has turned into one of our favorite segments. All of our doctors have exhibited a "human" side that people don't always get to see with their physicians. We encourage you to check out some of our past episodes here. We've done about 30 of these segments highlighting everything from Lyme disease to hernia repair to finding a health care plan and everything else in between. We've learned a lot and hope you can too.

Strokes and aneurysms are things that people have heard about but might not know the specifics of these life-threatening conditions. Dr. Bansal does a great job of breaking down these terms so anyone can understand them. As with all of our guests on What's Up, Doc? Dr. Bansal shows us wonderful bedside manner and plain-speaking that would put any patient at ease.

One of the most important things Dr. Bansal shared with us was the fact that you must act immediately when a stroke starts to drastically improve your chance of survival. The acronym B.E. F.A.S.T. should help people. It stands for:

  • B - Balance - Loss of balance
  • E - Eyes - Blurry vision
  • F - Face - Side of the face is drooping
  • A - Arms - Arm or leg weakness, especially on one side
  • S - Speech - Difficulty with speech
  • T - Time - Time to call an ambulance.

We thank Dr. Bansal for his time today and hope his information can help out a few of our listeners.

A new What's Up, Doc? episode airs every Thursday morning at 8:35.

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