Did you like the lineup from last week? Well, you're in luck because there's a lot of repeat shows from last week. 

The weather is supposed to be SIGNIFICANTLY nicer this weekend than last. Maybe you cancelled a trip last Friday night because it was cold and rainy. No such problem this weekend as highs are supposed to touch 90s and the nights will be warm with little chance of rain. Otherwise known as perfect drive-in weather.

Where to go? All these theaters are a 1-2 hour drive from Rockford, so you'll have to make a night of it, and maybe have some coffee for the drive home but the experience is worth it.

Here's what's playing:

Midway Drive-In in Sterling AND McHenry Outdoor Theater

Both of these theaters will be playing The Quiet Place Part 2 as the main feature:

And follow it up with Top Gun. One of the best movies ever.

Can you imagine watching this scene,

just past dusk at a drive-in? To quote Berlin, take my breath away.

The Midway in Sterling will only be open Friday and Saturday. The McHenry Outdoor is open 7 days a week.

What Are They Now Former Rockford Music Venues

Photos of what replaced legendary music venues in Rockford.

SkyVu in Monroe, Wisconsin

This will be a little more kid-friendly with Disney's Cruella, the origin story of the pretentious puppy poacher. That, like The Quiet Place 2 has been well received in its first week out.

After that, it will be Raya and the Last Dragon again. A movie that looks interesting but I have heard nothing about. I'm thinking it's mostly because I don't have kids.

SkyVu is only open Friday and Saturday.

Rt. 34 Drive-In in Mendota:

Like dinosaurs? Head to Mendota this weekend. They're going back-to-back with the original Jurassic Park.

Then following it up with the 1997 sequel, Jurassic Park: The Lost World.

I think Vince Vaughn (spoiler alert) gets eaten in this one.

Highway 18 Drive-In in Jefferson, Wisconsin:

And one more kid friendly option, that's just a little north of Janesville. The Highway 18 will kick it off with Spirit Untamed from Dreamworks. Haven't heard of it but judging by the movie poster it's about a girl and her horse in what looks like Bryce Canyon in Utah. Just a guess.

I was pretty close. Looks good.

Then when the kids are asleep the parents can laugh at some of the inappropriate jokes in Shrek.

Highway 18 is open Fri-Sun.

Enjoy the weekend!





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