As Netflix’s competition grows, so does speculation about what would make subscribers cancel., a tech and pop culture site, decided to find out first-hand.

My wife Amy and I had a conversation about this topic yesterday. She had just opened an email detailing the price increase that we, as Netflix subscribers, were about to get hit with.

"How much more are we going to have to pay for this service," she asked me. "The monthly fee is almost double from when we started! Is it even worth it to us anymore?"

That's what set out to discover. With more and more competition between streaming services, and Netflix's loss of Disney content, industry watchers are expecting many people will have a decision to make in the near future as to whether or not to continue on with Netflix.'s breakout of Illinois' numbers:

  • 20% of Illinoisans would cancel Netflix if The Office was pulled
  • 21% would cancel Netflix if Disney content was pulled
  • 10% would cancel Netflix if Friends was pulled
  • 59% would only be willing to pay up to $11.99/month before canceling

Nationally, only 11 percent of respondents said they would pay for Netflix no matter what the price is. Genre is key when it comes to subscriptions as well: 23 percent of people who binge-watch horror flicks would pay for Netflix no matter what. Despite differences over subscription costs, 21 percent of respondents said they would be okay with paying more than current monthly prices.

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