Last year, there were a lot of babies born. There were also a lot of words born.

Those babies were probably named "Olivia, Sophia or Ethan." Those words were named, "Fleek, Facepalm & Feels."

But you weren't born last year were you? Probably not. But there were specific words that were born the same year you were and it's kind of fun to discover what words they are!

Oxford Dictionaries is your source for this info, you can head over there to investigate year by year, or if you happened to be born the same year as my family members, your "word" might be in this list.

My dad was born in 1951, so was the word, "blast-off," because NASA was all the rage in the '50s.

My mom was born in 1956 along with the word, "nitpik," which is kind of fitting... sorry mom.

My sister was born in 1974, the year, "Internet" was added to the dictionary. That's pretty cool!

My oldest brother was born in 1978, so was "gazillion," which I'm glad is in fact a real world.

My other brother was born in 1984, along with "shopaholic." Also one of my favorites.

Finally, I was born in 1987, so was the word, "bazillionaire." Which I hope to be someday. What word was born the year you were?

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