Oops, we missed the Windy City's birthday. Chicago turned 181 on Sunday, March 4 and we were busy outside in the sun and forgot to send a gift.

We on this. There's nothing wrong with having to give a belated gift for a birthday. It's the thought that counts. Here are 5 great Rockford-flavored gifts we should send to the city of Chicago.

Thompson Digital Image[/caption]Mini symbol to replace the Picasso in Daley Plaza

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A copy of Cheap Tricks Rockford album. This will help remind the people of Chicago that their city is NOT where the Rock Hall of Famers are from.



Buy a few Monopoly games and just send the 'get out of jail free cards' in an envelope with a birthday card. 100 W. Randolph St.


Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.

A big bag of Rockford-made Mrs. Fisher's to go with their hot dogs.


And speaking of hot dogs...


How about a bottle of ketchup? They never seem to have enough ketchup in Chicago.