Google Trends put together a map of the most common "How do you spell ..." searches in every state so far this year. How are we doing in Illinois? Beautiful.

I'm sure the grammar experts just said to themselves, "You mean beautifully, not beautiful."

Nope. I mean beautiful. As in the word "beautiful." Because, according to Google, that's the word we Illinoisans have searched for the most.

As for the nation as a whole, it should come as no surprise during this COVID-19 mess that the most searched for spelling is the word QUARANTINE. People in Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York all searched for that spelling the most.

The second-most popular search is canceled. Apparently, it's the "one L or two?" question.

Some of the tougher words to spell include Traumatized (Montana), Parentheses (Maryland), Chihuahua (West Virginia), and Illustrator (Michigan).

The head-scratchers would be Cook (Kansas), Gray (Kentucky), Grandma (Connecticut), and Tong (Vermont)

Oh, and the toughest word to spell for folks in Virginia?'s Virginia.

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