House Method decided to take a closer look at rom-coms and figure out what the most popular romantic comedy is in each state. To get this data, they surveyed 4,629 Americans.

A recent poll says that Americans are pretty evenly split on what they'd like to do on Valentine's day. 51 percent of respondents to the survey said they want to go out for a nice romantic dinner, while 49 percent wanted to stay home, eat pizza, and watch their favorite romantic comedy.

For those who are planning on staying in this Friday, the question is what romantic comedy will you choose?

Here's what found out:

In Illinois, our state's favorite romantic comedy is "The 40 Year Old Virgin."

It’s no secret that the majority of Americans are big fans of “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” with 19 states claiming it as their favorite. Something about Steve Carell must have a way of sticking with people.

A close second among Americans is “Bridesmaids,” capturing the hearts of 11 states. Perhaps competition between maid of honor and bridesmaid is relatable for a few bridal parties out there.

It’s worth noting that “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Bridesmaids”—the top two winning rom-coms—make up 30 out of 50 states.

Here's what our Midwestern neighbors will be cuddling on the couch with:

  • Wisconsin: Bridesmaids
  • Iowa: The 40 Year Old Virgin
  • Missouri: The 40 Year Old Virgin
  • Minnesota: The 40 Year Old Virgin
  • Indiana: The 40 Year Old Virgin
  • Michigan: Bridesmaids
  • Kentucky: Deliverance (Just a joke. Wanted to see if you were still reading) It's actually Bridesmaids

Even though “40-Year-Old Virgin” dominated most states, there’s no doubt that America has other favorites as well. “Bridesmaids” was only 2.55% behind in overall votes. Additionally, even though “13 Going on 30” won in the state-by-state votes, “Wedding Crashers” actually had more votes overall. In a similar sense, “Love Actually” was only voted most popular in Hawaii, yet it was voted by 4.95% of Americans overall.


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