When I was a kid, like most every kid, I had questions. Lots and lots of them. My parents would do their level best to answer most of them, but sometimes, when they a) didn't know the answer, or b) they were tired of the barrage of questions, I was told to "go look it up." Since this time-period was before the advent of the internet, that meant going to the library. Today, as a parent, I tell my kids to "Google it."

Which brings us to a piece in Estately.com, which looks at the things we Google. In particular, the things that each state in the union Googles more than any other state. For example (picking a state at random), these are the things that people in Florida ask more than any other state:

Where is Israel? / Who owns CNN? / What is A.A.? / Is adultery illegal? / Where is Siri? / What is quantum physics? / Are UFOs real? / When is high tide? / When is Opposite Day? / Is Kasumi a synth? / Is magic real? / Which Disney princess am I? / Why are Americans so stupid? / How to be famous? / How to be rich? / Why does everyone hate Florida?

Here's how Estately came up with their answers:

Using Google Autocomplete we compiled hundreds of the most common questions Americans type into the Google search bar. We ran those searches through Google Trends to determine which state queried each of these selected searches the most over the past 12 years. To be clear, the list below does not represent what each state Googles the most, it simply shows the searches each state Googles more frequently than the other 49 states and the District of Columbia.

So, here in the Land of Lincoln, what are we curious about more than any other state?

What does OPP mean? / Is Trump winning? / What is falafel? / What is pâté? / What is NATO? / Was Jesus real? / Is Bill Cosby guilty? / Is JoJo engaged? / Was Hitler elected? / Why are TSA lines so long? / How to jump a car?

I know the answers to most of those, but the JoJo engagement is still a mystery to me. Let's see what Wisconsin wants to know:

Who are the Koch brothers? / How to join ISIS? / When is American Idol on? / Is coffee good for you?

And Iowa:

Where is ISIS? / Who is Bernie Sanders? / What is a caucus? / What is a socialist? / What is socialism? / What is Snapchat? / Is Lady Gaga married? / Is Ted Cruz hispanic? / Do penguins have knees?

Missouri keeps it brief, but weird:

Who has played Batman? / When is tornado season? / Am I a psycho?

As for Indiana:

What is presidential? / What is Islam? / What is Judaism? / How many states are there? / What is communism? / What is Jupiter made of? / What is natural selection? / What is satire? / Do midgets have night vision? / Are aliens real? / Is Bigfoot real? / Is global warming real? / Is Bernie Sanders a democrat? / Was Clinton impeached? / What is the constitution? / What is the first amendment? / What is the second amendment? / How to be popular?

Of all the questions I've ever asked in my life, Indiana, I've never wondered about midgets and night-vision. Let's wrap this up with Georgia, and the menu of strange things they're asking Google about:

 Who created God? / Who is in the Illuminati? / What is calamari? / What is adultery? / What is ovulation? / Who is going to be the next president? / Was Jesus black? / Who is Allah? / Is DMX dead? / Is Jesus real? / Is Vietnam communist? / How to hack an Instagram account? / How to improve credit score? / How to hotwire a car / Where is weed legal? / When is a woman most fertile? / Why are my nipples so sore? / How to be a man? / How to become a stripper? / Is Africa a country?


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