Fall is a big deal here in the Rockford area, but do you know all of the best pumpkin patches and apple orchards?

Ok, so I truly thought I did know all of the best apple orchards and pumpkin patches.

For the last eight years I've heard everyone discuss who has the best apple cider donuts and who grows the biggest pumpkins. Which Edwards is the best?

Then, all of the sudden last week I was like, wait what? I've NEVER heard of this apple orchard!

The Apple Hut in Beloit.

We're planning a ton of fall fun this year on Good Day Stateline, so that's where I first heard of The Apple Hut, when we asked this on our Facebook page.

Edwards, Curran's, Jonamac, I've heard of all of those and I think I've been to all of them too, but The Apple Hut is news to me.

Not news to everyone though, they have over 9,000 fans on Facebook... and a ton of comments and shares on their latest post.

According to their Facebook page, they have 17 different apple varieties, cider donuts, pumpkin bread and honey, so it sounds like it's worth the trip!

The Apple Hut is located at 1718 W Walters Rd in Beloit, the only bummer is I can't figure out when they open for the season!

I'll be watching their page though!

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