As violent thunderstorms moved through Chicago yesterday, a very famous baseball landmark ended up on the receiving end of quite a jolt - Wrigley Field.

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In case you weren't aware, thunderstorms that included one with a reported tornado went through northern Illinois on Monday. Chicago was in the direct path of this tornadic storm which was also packing lightning with it. If you doubt me, watch this. (NOTE: some NSFW language from a guy who wasn't expecting lightning for some reason)

Kaboom. Fortunately, no one was injured even though there was a Cubs game against the Padres happening at the time of the storm which was obviously under a severe weather delay.

Since no one was injured, I can add something humorous one of my Chicago Cub friends said about the event. He's been waiting all year for something to add a charge to the Cubs to get their season going. That lightning strike is about as big a jolt as you're gonna get. It was very much a Robert Redford in The Natural kind of moment.

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