We see thunderstorms that sometimes produce tornadoes and many that also produce lighting. One recent Midwest thunderstorm decided to overachieve by doing both simultaneously.

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He called it "Lightning Insanity" and he wasn't wrong. The video captured by Alex Spahn a few days ago was just shared on YouTube.

As many storm chasers will tell you and as the website Storm Chase mentions, lightning is one of the main dangers when following storms like this. Many feel that lightning danger exceeds that of the actual tornadoes as it's more likely a chaser will get struck by lightning than a twister.

The National Severe Storms Laboratory documents all of the different types of lightning. What Alex captured in that video was mostly cloud-to-cloud lightning.

The National Weather Service mentions that lightning can travel 10 to 12 miles from a thunderstorm which is farther than thunder. That means if you can hear the thunder, you are very much in danger of a potential lightning strike. Beautiful but deadly nature.

Nice job by Alex to create a sweet time-lapse out of this crazy storm.

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