In our business, talk radio, taking an entire year to ask a question is somewhat frowned upon by management (and listeners, as well).

However, Dean Smith took a year to ask his girlfriend, Jennifer, a question. And, it would appear no one in management, and certainly no one listening, had a problem with it.

From The Mail:

One woman got the birthday surprise of a lifetime when she found out that, not only was her boyfriend proposing that very day, he had actually been secretly popping the question every single day for the last year.


Dean Smith, from Scottsdale, Arizona, made a video for his girlfriend Jennifer Kessel that showed the 365 days he asked for her hand in marriage.


The reveal happened during a large family trip to Aruba, where Jennifer was instructed via a whiteboard held by her sister Jaclyn to go down to the lobby.


There her brother and then a friend helped lead Jennifer to the beach, where her father and stepmother were waiting to hand her a device where she could watch the film. 


I highly recommend having a look at the video above, but in case you don't want to commit to the time...

After the video finally reaches to the proposal Dean made just the day before, it instructs Jennifer to turn around.


There right behind her is Dean, whiteboard in hand, ready to pop the question one last time.


Jennifer is so overwhelmed that she has to pause to compose herself with a tissue before walking up to meet him.


And then Dean bends down on one knee, as the sun dips into the Caribbean sea. 


She says yes.


Thus shaming every dude who has ever looked at his girlfriend and said, "So...ya wanna get married, or what?"

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