Some Things You Can Only Find in Illinois
As a guy who spends an inordinate amount of time searching for cool and interesting things about our state (so I can post them here to share with you), I was delighted to get an email that highlights a few things that you can only come across here in the Land of Lincoln.
First Trip To Toad Hall
If you're a long-time Rockford or Rockford-area resident, you're probably familiar with Toad Hall. Shortly after starting here at WROK (back in the day when we still played music, and some of it from vinyl), my old friend, and long-time on-air personality Chuck Doyle took me over to Toad H…
Watch This Guy’s 365 Day Proposal
In our business, talk radio, taking an entire year to ask a question is somewhat frowned upon by management (and listeners, as well).
However, Dean Smith took a year to ask his girlfriend, Jennifer, a question. And, it would appear no one in management, and certainly no one listening, had a problem w…