If you're a regular listener to The Riley & Scot Show (and why wouldn't you be), you know we love dog stories. Hero dogs, service dogs, dogs who cover a lot of distance to get home, etc.

We definitely love the story of Derby the Dog.

There seems to be no end of uses for 3D printing, but giving an abandoned dog the chance to walk again has to top the list as one of the most heartwarming.


This particular dog is named Derby. He was born with both front legs badly deformed, leaving him unable to run or walk with either four-legged or two-legged friends.


After Derby's previous owners left him at a dog rescue home in New Hampshire, he was adopted by Tara Anderson - a director at US-based 3D printing company, 3D Systems.

3D Systems used a range of different technologies to scan and model a pair of custom-made prosthetics for Derby to use.


To watch Derby happily running around makes all the hard work worth it.

“This is what 3D printing is about,” said Anderson. “To be able to help anybody; a dog, person, whoever, to have a better life, there is no better thing to be involved in.”


Earlier this year, motorcyclist Stephen Power from Cardiff had his face reconstructed using 3D printing after he was injured in a crash.