As Scot and I have often pointed out: We are the media, and it's our job to scare you.

So, let's get right to it. A few weeks ago, we talked about a woman having an unfortunate experience with a black widow spider and some grapes...

The family of a Vermont woman says she suffered a bite from a black widow spider, which they believe was hiding in a bag of grapes.

The woman’s mother told NBC affiliate WPTZ that the spider bit the 21-year-old after she stuck her hand into the bag. The woman’s family reportedly brought both the bite victim and the spider to a hospital, and a nurse there later told the station that the spider was, in fact, a black widow.

A spokesman for UVM Medical Center told The Post that a woman came to the hospital Friday night with what was confirmed to be a black-widow bite. She was discharged Saturday, the spokesman said. 

Okay. When we first reported that story, we heard from several people who, unsurprisingly, declared they would never eat another grape.

More from The Washington Post:

...apparently, the spiders do lurk in bags of grapes from time to time. “Venomous Spiders Are Hiding in Our Grapes,” reads the headline of this Modern Farmer piece, which includes a helpful sidebar that details cases.

For example, in 2013, Aldi Supermarkets in Wisconsin took grapes from the shelves after a black widow incident; around the same time, a family in Michigan made a similar discovery. 

So, for those of you who are steering clear of grapes, what about bananas?

Although this video is "Safe for Work," your reaction while watching it might not be. Warning: for some people, this is the stuff of nightmares:

That banana hardly looked worth eating anyway.

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