The White Sox are playing in a very special, one-of-a-kind regular season game this Thursday night and the secondary market is reflecting that.

The Field Of Dreams game was scheduled for last year between the White Sox and the Cardinals. Then COVID happened and it was postponed for this year. For some reason the Cardinals were "uninvited" to the party and the White Sox will be playing the Yankees instead.

The setting looks absolutely incredible.

There's even a baseball themed corn maze that might be worth the trip all by itself.

This would be a very hot ticket if there was the usual MLB park capacity of around 40,000. The seating capacity for the Field of Dreams game is somewhere around 8,000. Tickets to the game were also only available to residents of Iowa when they were first released, a fact that some people thought wasn't exactly fair.

If you were lucky enough to get selected in the Iowa lottery (it should be noted that the MLB hasn't said how many tickets were allotted for the public lottery) you were then lucky enough to pay $375 per ticket, with a $21 service fee of course.

So, 400 bucks for a once in a lifetime baseball experience might be worth it for some but remember, that's for the people that were lucky enough to get their names drawn AND had to live in Iowa.

What about StubHub?

So what does all this mean for the secondary market? I'm writing that at 4pm on Monday and right now the cheapest ticket is for the back row in left field and they'll run you $865 a piece. And you have to get the pair.

That's the only pair of tickets listed under $900 and there are only 6 more pairs of tickets under $1,000.

The majority of tickets seem to be in the range of $1,000-$3,000 but go all the way up to $13,500 for front row seats. There is one pair on the site for $999,000 but that doesn't seem like a real offer to me.

Luckily for you, we will be airing the game live on 1440 WROK for the low price of free and will continue to do that throughout the South Sider's postseason run.

You can also score some free White Sox tickets through us. We're giving away a four-pack of tickets (plus parking pass!!!) to the White Sox/Yankees game this Saturday, August 14th. Just download the 1440 WROK app and send us a message that you want to be entered into the contest. We will draw a winner and announce it on the show this Thursday.

Good luck!

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