Before we get into exactly what the lawsuit against Walmart was all about, and before I tell you how much money is going to be paid out by Walmart in this lawsuit settlement, I need to point out that Walmart has denied the allegations against them and denies that they've done anything wrong.

A lawsuit filed in October 2022 (and since revised) had accused Walmart of “falsely inflating” the weights of certain sold-by-weight groceries at the register, thereby negating any sale pricing (or “rollback” pricing) that shoppers may have believed they were paying, court documents say. The lawsuit also accuses the retailer of incorrectly labeling certain sold-by-weight bagged produce items and sold-by-weight clearance items, leading the consumer to unknowingly pay more for the amount they were getting.

As we've seen so many times over the last few years from major retailers and big tech companies, sometimes it's just easier to settle the lawsuit and pay out some money to make it all go away. Just ask:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Microsoft
  • Target

Among many others.

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Are You Familiar With The Term "Weighted Goods?" I Had No Idea What That Means Up Until Reading About This Lawsuit Settlement With Walmart, And I Once Worked In A Grocery Store

Not that not knowing what weighted goods are all about doesn't really mean anything, since the only thing I've really retained from my days of working at Pineway Supermarket in Oregon, Illinois is that customers get really cranky when you drop the canned goods on top of their eggs in the bag.

According to the Walmart lawsuit settlement website (

"weighted goods," and "bagged citrus" are sold-by-weight meat, poultry, pork, and seafood products (referred to as “Weighted Goods”) and certain organic oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, and navel oranges sold in bulk in mesh or plastic bags (referred to as “Bagged Citrus”)

So what's the problem with the weighted goods and bagged citrus? The lawsuit alleged that persons who purchased at Walmart Stores certain “Weighted Goods” and certain "Bagged Citrus” paid more than the lowest in-store advertised price for those products.

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Let's Get To The Information You Want: What Do You Do To Get A Payout From The Settlement, And How Much Money Can You Expect To Receive

If you purchased weighted goods or bagged citrus in person at a Walmart store from October 19th, 2018, through and including January 19th, 2024, you're eligible to be a part of the settlement. explains the "how much will I potentially receive in this settlement" part:

That depends on how many weighted goods and bagged citrus you bought and whether you still have the receipts for the items you bought in-store. If you do not have receipts, you can attest that you purchased eligible settlement items. If you attest to buying up to 50 items, you will get $10. If you attest buying 51 to 75 items, you will get $15. If you attest to buying 76 to 100 items, you will get $20. And if you attest to buying 101 or more items, you will get $25.

Click here to be taken to the Walmart lawsuit settlement homepage to learn more and/or submit a claim. You have until June 5th of this year to submit a claim.

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