Last week we told you about alleged Election law violations taking place in Rock Island County. Then on Monday we heard reports of errors happening of voting machines in the same location. The county clerk, Karen Kinney, dismissed any allegations of problems in the area.

However, there's now video evidence of the "calibration errors" taking place in Rock Island County. The Weekly Standard reports:

The voters are 18- and 19-year-old Moline residents who asked to remain anonymous. They say they went to their polling station on Monday, October 28, at the Moline Public Library. Both say they were aware of recent news stories that other early voters in their area had experienced difficulties voting on electronic machines. The complaints have been widespread...The voters say they decided to use their cell phones to film their votes after having trouble. They said they wanted to show how easily the machines registered the wrong vote.

Here's the video. It looks like exactly what's been alleged: votes clearly intended for the Republican candidate are marked as support for the Democrat candidate:

Illinos Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider is demanding a response to fix the problems:

Earlier this week, we expressed deep concerns over reports of early voting machines in Rock Island County calibrated in a way that switches people's votes from Republican to Democrat – similar to recent reports out of Cook County. The Rock Island Clerk ignored our concerns and claimed no problem existed.  Following today’s shocking video, we renew our call on the Rock Island Clerk to immediately investigate the calibration of voting machines in the county.  The Illinois Republican Party will take any and all necessary legal action to ensure that every single voter's voice is heard.

As mentioned earlier, these issues could impact not just the Governor's race but also the tight contest for the 17th Congressional District seat. Bobby Schilling told The Weekly Standard he's heard from 20 supporters who say their attempts to vote for him were switched to his opponent, Democratic congresswoman Cheri Bustos.

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