Jury duty is the worst, or at least, so I am told. Now citizens need be weary of a scam currently being deployed in Rock County when it comes to a "missed jury duty" requirement.

According to WREX, "You missed jury duty and now there's a warrant out for your arrest. That's a phone call people in Rock County are getting and it's a scam."

The Rock County Sheriff's Department is urging everyone to be on guard against this scam.

WREX is reporting that, "The Rock County Sheriff says the caller claims to be from the sheriff's office. The scammer then tells the person they have to buy prepaid money cards as well as hand over their social security number and bank account numbers."

Odds are, when someone calls asking for money or personal information, it is a scam. That's not just for jury duty scams either. Normal organizations don't ask for that information. Always be on guard when it comes to your money and personal information.

If you get a call like this report it by calling 608-757-2244.


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