(*I know it's our civic duty to serve if summoned to jury duty. This is strictly for entertainment purposes.*)

A friend of my got the dreaded jury duty notice and shared the news on Facebook while jokingly asking for tips to get out of doing it. Most of the responses were entertaining, while others were way too serious. Remember, this was all in fun.

Tip #1:

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Wear a straightjacket.


Tip #2:

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Tell them your breastfeeding. Go ahead, men, try it.


Tip #3:


Arrive in handcuffs or bring handcuff keys.


Tip #4:

Dmitriy Kalinin, Thinkstock

Tell them to "hang all the guilty bastards."


Tip #5:

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Perhaps the best (and most ridiculous) response, "Dress up as a character from Game of Thrones and rap all your answers."



Daniel Schweinert, Thinkstock

Tell them you have stomach issues, just keep a straight face.


It's hard to imagine any of those things would actually get you out of jury duty, so do you civic duty and show up as requested.

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