As everyone enjoyed the snow on Sunday, something strange but beautiful took place in DeKalb. 

With the snow that we experienced on Sunday, it had certain features to it. The snow itself was heavy and wet. We had winds that were reaching 10-20 mph. Plus, the temps were hovering right around freezing at 32.

When you bring all those conditions together, you can start to see something called "snow rollers". When you drive down the road or interstate during harvest season and see the fields filled with what looks like Shredded Wheat, that is what "snow rollers" look like.

They are not man-made, but form on their own. According to

"Snow Donut or snow roller is a rare  natural phenomenon in which large snowballs are formed when a chunk of snow wraps around accumulating more snow, when the ball rolls up in one direction it dorms a ring rather than a ball, this ring is known as a snow roller. They naturally roll and have a low density,  shaped cylindrical, almost similar to a large  doughnut. Found mostly in large snowy mountains of  North America and Northern Europe."

ENI was able to get pictures of the snow rollers.

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