At this point, any live sports will be awesome, but it might be another down year for the Bears. 

The Packers are the odds on favorite to win the NFC North with the Vikings right behind them. The Bears odd are roughly twice as long as the Packers to win the division.

Side note: A quick gambling lesson for non-degenerates who don't know what those numbers mean up there. The Packers listed at +165 means that for every $100 placed on the Packers to win will win $165. A $10 bet would win $16.50. The +310 number next to the Bears means that for every $100 bet on the Bears to win will win $310. Makes sense?

Now the good news is that these odds indicate that Vegas isn't even really sure what's going to happen. The Packers have the longest odds (worst chance) of a divisional "favorite" in the league. The Chiefs, for example, are -390 to win their division.

Side note: For our non-degenerates reading this, -390 means that you have to bet $390 to win $100. There will be a quiz later.

This, of course, is all before the Bears have even announced their starting quarterback, so things could change.

Feel better about the Bears than Vegas? This would be a great time to take advantage of the new legal sports betting we have here in Illinois.

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