Today I learned a new term; Urban Beach. Do you know what an Urban Beach is?

Up until today I always assumed that if a piece of land featured a lot of sand and water it's a beach, but technically, there are several different types of beaches.

Photo by Roland Denes on Unsplash
Photo by Roland Denes on Unsplash

There are sandy beaches of all different colors, rocky beaches, seashell beaches, and there are even beaches made of glass throughout this world, but what exactly is an urban beach?

Basically, they are exactly what they sound like, beaches that exist in the midst of a city or urban area. Urban beaches are also "fake" beaches, meaning they were constructed specifically to give visitors the feel of a beach in a totally un-beach-like atmosphere. Urban beaches are also usually missing one big in the water.

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An Urban Beach May Be Coming to Downtown Rockford

For months now we've been hearing that Davis Park and Founder's Landing in Downtown Rockford will be getting a MAJOR glow-up, and it was recently revealed that the installation of an urban beach is part of the proposed plans.

According to a Rockford Register Star article;

Among plans still being developed for a major renovation of the 7-acre festival park at 320 S. Wyman St. is the construction of an 11,000-square-foot beach along the Rock River.

If it happens, this beach would be constructed where the gazebo in Davis Park is currently located. It would provide nice water views, without any actual access to the river. Rockford's urban beach would also serve a dual purpose; a great place to soak up some sun AND the sand would serve as filtration for rainwater running into the Rock River. Kind of cool, huh?

Will Water Fun Be Included in Rockford's Urban Beach?

Although visitors would not have swimming access to the Rock River at this beach, the proposed renovation plan does include the construction of a splash pad or spray park so beach goers would still have a place to cool off and have fun. Food and drink vendors are also included in the Davis Park glowup plan, so my fingers are crossed that these plans will soon become a reality for Downtown Rockford!

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