The coronavirus is wreaking more havoc on Major League Baseball. 

It was announced early Friday morning that 2 St. Louis Cardinal players had tested positive for the coronavirus. Their game against Milwaukee Friday night was immediately canceled and Saturday's game is still up in the air. A doubleheader on Sunday has been announced but that's dependent on no more Cardinal players testing positive.

The ripple effect of this means that the Indians, who the Cardinals just played, are now waiting for their test results to make sure none of them are positive. One bit of silver lining is that it's being reported that the 2 infected players are pitchers, who have less contact with the other players, especially with the implementation of the DH.

The Brewers-Cardinals game is now the third game to be canceled on Friday, joining the Phillies-Blue Jays and the Marlins-Nationals game.

The Cardinals are scheduled to play the Cubs on Monday, we'll have to wait to see if it goes on as scheduled.


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