Here are the top Major League Baseball fights in Chicago sports history.

Except in hockey, brawls in non-fighting pro sports are pretty amusing. Especially, when it comes to baseball. The players just don't know how to fight.

Over the weekend, there was an entertaining baseball fight between Bryce Harper from the Washington Nationals and Hunter Strickland from the San Francisco Giants.

Video: Bryce Harper Hunter Strickland Fight - Nationals vs Giants Brawl

I started to think, what are the best baseball fights in Chicago sports history?

For the Cubs, I enjoyed when Paul Wilson from the Cincinnati Reds was hit by a pitch from Chicago Cub, Kyle Farnsworth. Wilson was not happy, so he charged the mound. Probably not a good idea, because Farnsworth got the best of him.

Video: Inside pitch leads to the benches clearing

My favorite baseball fight of all time has to be Robin Ventura from the Chicago White Sox verses Nolan Ryan from the Texas Rangers. Ventura was a young player at the time and Ryan taught him a lesson.

Video: Robin Ventura, Nolan Ryan duke it out

Of course, I have to include a Chicago Cubs against Chicago White Sox throw down. Those Crosstown Classic games can get nasty. This is A.J. Pierzynski from the White Sox crashing into Michael Barrett from the Cubs.

Video: Cubs, White Sox brawl after home-plate collision


Just for fun, here's Captain Jack getting punched in the stomach.

Video: Pro MMA Fighter Tom Holder Punches Captain Jack

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