Goldman joined a growing list of NFL players opting out of the 2020 season. 

The NFL has given their players the option of opting out of the upcoming 2020 season. - If a player wishes to opt out, he must provide his club with written notification within seven days of the date that the NFL and NFLPA finalize the agreement that includes the terms of such opt-outs.

If a player wishes to opt-out, they can do so in two different ways: voluntary opt-out or high-risk opt-out. No reason needs to be given for a voluntary opt-out and the NFL has a list of health conditions a player must have in order to qualify as a high-risk opt-out. In both cases the player would not be paid his salary but would also not receive an accrued season towards his current contract.

Voluntary opt-outs would be eligible for a $150,000 advance on their current contract, high-risk candidates would be eligible for a $350,000 advance.

Goldman has not yet specified what kind of opt-out he is taking advantage of.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 23 players had declared they would be opting out next season. The Patriots with the most, at 4 players.

All this of course hinges on the fact that a 2020 season will take place, which is scheduled to begin on September 10.

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