Either this person doesn't know how to park or was getting ready to pull off a robbery.

I caught this awful park job on Sunday while waiting outside of Target on E. State Street.

Meaning, I saw the entire thing go down. I saw the lady pull into a spot on the other side of the lot. She had difficulty getting into that spot too.

After wrangling the yellow lines a few different times, she decided to pull out of the spot angrily and almost hit a pedestrian walking into the store.

The crazed driver then decided to whip around to the other side of the parking lot and pull in, haphazardly, and park on what can only be described as the most crooked angle I've ever seen anyone take.

It's either that or she was driving with only wearing one shoe. Because there's no explanation as to how or why someone would park that ridiculously.

Have you seen any other parking nightmares? Let us know!

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