You know what's a hard word to spell? Commonly. For some reason my fingers just don't want to put that second "m" in there, but it's not the most common misspelled word in Illinois.

Neither is 'misspell,' but that's a tricky one, too.

Nope, according to TIME magazine, the most commonly misspelled word for those of us who live in Illinois is 'appreciate.'

'Appreciate,' I actually spell that one correctly most of the time! I have a harder time with words like, 'anatomy,' 'receive,' and the most commonly misspelled word in Wisconsin, 'vacuum.'

Vacuum is so difficult!

I might not be the best person to compare spelling skills to though, most days I have to think about 'whether' vs. 'weather.' Homophones, not my best phones.

Here's where things get silly. People in Ohio have trouble spelling 'banana.' Haven't they ever heard Gwen Stefani sing-spell it?

Texans have an issue spelling, 'niece.' Which apparently I do too, because when I first typed it I swapped the 'i' and the 'e.'

Most hilariously, people in Alaska can't spell Hawaii and people who live in Massachusetts, can't spell...Massachusetts.