Let's just hope the Cubs can pull off another World Series win in this kid's lifetime. 

When the dad started off with Bryant and Rizzo, I wasn't impressed. I made an audible "whoa" when he nailed Jason Kipnis. Then laughed when he seemed amused that his dad thought he would stump him with Billy Hamilton. I had to go to the google machine to check if he got Maybin right.

He did.

Remember when you could just fill your brain with whatever you wanted and didn't have to waste brain space with things like Excel sheet shortcuts? Those were better days. Just memorizing stuff because there was nothing else to do.

I suddenly feel like Billy Madison warning 3rd graders not to grow up and cherish their childhood.

Cubs playoff run begins Wednesday afternoon against the Miami Marlins. First pitch at 1pm, pregame starts at 12;25pm on 1440 WROK.


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