I like to call the style of this house "Elegant Brady Bunch."

If you know what Airbnb is then you have an idea of what PlansMatter is all about.

They take the model of renting out unused housing and applies it only to residences that are considered architecturally unique.

There are actually 3 other Frank Lloyd Wright properties listed on the site that is within a 3-hour drive from Rockford. I picked this one because it's the closest and one of the more intriguing designs. Take a look at the above floor plan then read what Wright had in mind for the residence:

When most people think of modular homes they think 90-degree angles, but not Wright, whose genius is on display in the non0rectilinear layout. Wright believed the parallelogram plan- based on "diamond modules" and 60 and 120-degree angles - created interesting spaces that game people a larger sense of rooms unfolding as they walked around the house. The "diamonds" extend beyond the plan to inform three-dimensional space: the ceiling, the lighting, and the furniture.

Not only are these houses beautiful, they're actually kind of affordable. This house can comfortably sleep 5 people and is only $395/night during peak season. If you break that up amongst a group that's very affordable.

Let's take a quick look at this property.

Lloyd 2

As you can see this house sits on a vast property with a river bordering the property. Very tranquil. 

Lloyd 6

One of the single bedrooms. Nothing lavish, but a great place to sleep in the middle of the woods.

Lloyd 5

These next couple of pictures are why I call it "Elegant Brady Bunch." Something about the rock walls and textured rock floors makes me think of their place. I could be way off on this.

Lloyd 4
Lloyd 3

Plan your next vacation at one of these places. It's a little bit more than a Motel 6 but well worth it.

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