I've often said that I would prefer to have a friend with a boat than to have one myself. I've always enjoyed being invited out boating, where my only responsibility is to bring some beverages and/or food, and possibly a contribution toward fuel. When the day of fun is over, I hop off, leaving all that other boat-stuff (upkeep, maintenance, shelter, cleaning, repair) to the owner.

I might be willing to change my mind for this boat, er, MEGA-YACHT. It's called the Xhibitionist, and it looks like the Batmobile for the water.

Some details from Gizmag:

Next time you have a party to organize, there may be one more venue to add to the shortlist. The Nedship Xhibitionist Event Super Yacht design has been penned with the express purpose of hosting celebrations and soirées for up to 600 guests.


Designed with the profile of a supercar by the celebrated high-end yacht, car and motorbike designer Eduard Gray, the Xhibitionist design is a 70 m (230 ft) trimaran powered by diesel-electric hybrid system. The engine batteries are fast-charging and there's an option to operate in batteries-only mode for a number of hours.


The Xhibitionist design includes a restaurant for between 220 and 350 guests, a conference venue, lounge areas, product presentation and placement spaces and catwalk and fashion show facilities. Nightlife includes a disco and bar, as well as a casino and nightclub. 

Sounds pretty cool so far, huh? Well, as they say on TV..."But wait! There's more!"

The Xhibitionist's party piece is the large deployable platform stored at the front of the craft. The four-piece platform unfolds to provide space for three helicopters, or can be used as a stage area for bands and performances.


Amongst its other features, the yacht has sun decks, a jacuzzi, a large viewing window at the front and special lighting designed for night-time illumination.

Nedship tells Gizmag that construction of of the Xhibitionist is due to begin soon and is expected to take 18-24 months. 

Get those credit cards ready. I'm sure you'll be calling to order one (or several, for friends and family) after you take a look at this:

Well, it seems very nice, but I'll be sticking with something a bit more in my economic range:

James Ross, Getty Images
James Ross, Getty Images

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