The Wall Street Journal has a piece on a 60 story ultra-luxury apartment building in Chicago called OneEleven.

What makes OneEleven noteworthy? The fact that it just sold for $328.2 million, or about $650,000 per unit. That shatters records across the country, making it the highest price ever paid for an apartment building over 50 units.

Looking to rent a place at OneEleven?

According to the WSJ report, you'll pay anywhere from $1700 per month for a studio apartment, all the way up to over $12,000 per month for a 3 bedroom penthouse.

Potential renters could be the people who own, and are trying to sell, the most expensive home in America (featured above).

Take a look at the video, and see what you think. It's easier than flying out to the coast for the 2pm-4pm open house this Sunday.