White Sox fans got some bad news today. 

Earlier this week the Vegas odds for the White Sox jumped from 6-1 to 1-5. Someone obviously thought they knew something. Then Rawlings tweeted this out.

Those two things had Sox fans preordering Machado jerseys fast. The Sox had money to spend, and it looked like they were more than happy to break the bank to get a superstar in town.

Then today's news happened. And to make things worse, it looks like the Sox may have actually offered a better deal.

The White Sox also signed his brother-in-law, Yonder Alonso and best friend, Jon Jay in the offseason to further entice Machado to come to the southside.

We might not ever know why Machado spurned the Sox for the Padres but he'll probably want to stay north of the Kennedy whenever he is in Chicago.

P.S. This is my favorite tweet of the day.

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