These four-legged dynamos will be performing every day over the four day fair. 

In the world of halftime entertainment, there are only three acts that have truly amazed me.

The first is the Red Panda. Simply incredible.

I don't know what she charges per show but it's not enough.

The second one is an act called Quick Change. I saw these folks at a Bulls game once ten years ago and have thought about it at least once a week since then. Mesmerizing.

Seriously jaw dropping.

The third act? Anything with dogs. It's always a blast. Sometimes they mess up. Sometimes they crap on the floor. Usually, though they do something really incredible. That's what The Ultimate Air Dogs bring to the table. Check out their video. Bonus points if you can guess what song is playing underneath.

Did you guess the Baja Men? I know you did. That was a layup.

The best part is that all Air Dog shows are free with regular admission. Can't beat that.

If you want to catch the Air Dogs you can show up at these times.

  • Thursday 5/31 - 6 & 8PM
  • Friday 6/1 - 6 & 8PM
  • Saturday 6/2 - 11A, 1,3 & 5PM
  • Sunday 6/3 - 11A, 1,3 & 5PM

A full Town Fair Schedule and other information can be found here.

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